How long is the program?

Our program is set up on a 6-month term.  This gives us enough time to challenge the negative items and help re-establish new credit.

Can I continue the program after 6 months?

Yes, you may continue the program after 6 months if you choose to do so.

What are you able to remove?

We dispute all derogatory items which including liens, judgments, bankruptcy, late payments, collections, repossessions, charge-offs, etc.

What is your success rate?

We cannot promise future results but historically customers that have stayed in our program for 6 months see an average credit score increase of 100 points.

Do I have to provide you the documentation that I receive back from the bureaus?

No, you will keep those documents for your records. We will utilize your credit monitoring to stay abreast of any changes to your credit report.

What documents are needed to start the program?

Drivers license, social security card, and proof of residence.

How do I submit my payment once I am ready to start?

Payments are processed through our system using your card information. Your payments will be auto drafted on the day that you choose.

Do you guarantee that my score will be 700 after the 6 months?

We are unable to guarantee a score. There are variables that exist in increasing your credit scores that are beyond our control.

Will you provide assistance to help increase my scores?

Yes, each client is provided a “Blueprint” that they follow to increase your credit scores.